Saturday, July 26, 2008

Here is a crash course in medieval logisitcs!

The German camp.

Skirmishing crossbowmen. The smartest of the Crossbowmen. Best keep them in the army so they dont poach the Lords deer!

Crossbowmen. Guys not smart enough to be spear men. 1x4Cb

Spearmen from the townships. 2x4Sp.

Spearmen of the Emperors household 2x4Sp

German foot knights 1x4Bd. These fellows, like their mounted counterparts wear the transitional armour of the late 14th/ early 15th C. This was the first armour that saw steel plated attached to limbs thus allowing for greater mobility and protection than the chain mail of previous centuries. In this time period the "hounskull" bacinet ( helmet) was almost universal through out Western Europe.