Monday, January 21, 2008

Well there ya go Im famous! Got my visage on the front page of Fanaticus! Although the name of the event was DBA -20 it was only -9 so it wasnt to bad at all but the snow just made it perfect.


Sunday, January 20, 2008

this is me blowin snow off the Estonian general the snow was fallin so heavily tha tby the time the games were done our armies and boards had a wonderful coating of snow that blended in seamlessly with the bases when we went back in we had to blow the elements off of our elements!

suprisingly no damage was done to the paint jobs of the minis!

The CCF gather to watch the decisive last turns of Mamoth Mayhem

Paul's HOTT Nazi Penguins up to no good Will the Antarctic be safe??? Where was GWAR???

this is me deploying my Estonians

here is some of the Mamoth Mayhem action!

hereis Don Ray and Sean Devitt ( aka Spanikopites to fanatici) engagin in some "Mamoth Mayhem" the late neolithic will never be the same!

Well... Grandmaster Bill comanding Paul's Teutonic Knights disintegrated the Estonian line in one turn!

BTW that snow is REAL!

Here is CCFer Bill Seaney lookin cold! Bill and I played a game of Teutonic Order v.s. Estonians and well .....

here is a pic of the action! All pics were taken by my dad Laurence Johnson who really went above and beyond wiht his excellent documentation of this historic event!

here are some pics of the CCF DBA-20 outdoor event held on Jan 19 2008 in the back parking lot of the Sentry Box first up is Paul Hanna from Seattle with umbrella!